Our products are the result of a pioneering development process that derives ultra-clean, zero- and ultra-low-sulfur products, directly from unsorted plastic waste. These products are aimed at waste management firms, plastic recyclers, plastic converters and petrochemical industries.

On-demand solutions and breakthrough innovation for key stakeholders

Demanding regulations will require obligatory actions for compliance

Reduce or offset landfilling costs

Streamline the waste lifecycle in an efficient chemical recycling solution

Provide a competitive advantage in managing one’s own plastic waste

Allow customers to become 100% circular

Produce competitive feedstock for plastic resins

Address post-industrial plastic waste sustainability and traceability

Simplify waste collection and sorting

Provide alternative solutions for currently non-recyclable plastics

Lower CO2 emissions and reach recycling targets

Create thousands of qualified jobs

Environmental – Improve overall conditions of plastic waste management

Societal – Improvement of industry workplace, public livelihood and health

Financial – Profitability while being eco-friendly

Plastic converters and waste management facilities can easily chemically upcycle mixed plastic waste onsite, becoming 100% circular. Petrochemical industries can benefit from converting plastic waste into virgin plastic, oil or greener fuels.

In each and every process we obtain a range of compounds where further refining is optional.

Lab-grade paraffins & waxes

Innovative high-performance lubricants

Feedstock for plastic manufacturers