GSF The Upcycling Leap!

GSF was born on a revolutionary idea, manufacturing high value products out of mixed plastic
waste and pyrolysis oils.

Our innovation is a disruptive technology solving a complex industry problem, and aimed at providing waste managers, plastic converters, recyclers and petrochemical industries with drop-in oils and building blocks for food-grade or lab-grade resins.

The end products are completely comprised of plastic waste. This technology provides a sustainable solution for waste management and energy diversification achieving a true circular economy.


Challenges still remain for end-of-life plastic waste. Their “re-use” in producing different materials is difficult and expensive. Mechanical recycling systems currently cannot process all types of plastics, especially mixed plastic waste.

Our technology processes mixed plastic waste streams and chemically upgrades them into high value synthetic oils and hydrocarbon compounds; in some cases, back to pristine monomers that can be used to manufacture new products.

This innovative process triggers a major breakthrough for a sustainable circular economy, upcycling non-recyclable mixed plastic waste into valuable resources.


GSF can unlock plastic waste potential with an innovative nano-element based solution. A disruptive technology that utilizes a mix of rare-earth materials, copper and carbon-based nano-elements, proving that chemical upcycling IS possible!!

We upcycle mixed end-of-life plastics, multi-layered plastics, no longer mechanically recyclable plastics, and even ocean plastics that have been degraded by salt and sun.

We can turn plastic waste into base chemicals, monomers and feedstocks.

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GSF Upcycling

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